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Screw size: ½”



  • Energized and ionized water 
  • Easy to install
  • Helps prevent hair loss and remove dandruff
  • Removes irritating smell from chemicals used in hair salons
  • Sanitizes the skin with anti-bactericidal effect
  • Protects the hands when washing with its restoration and antioxidant power
  • Use only 20 % of normal usage of detergent for best cleaning results
  • Saves money and water plus no maintenance cost
  • With high water temperature and pressure, water becomes even more energized and ionized

Model STSH (For Beauty Salon, Grip Style)

C$350.00 Regular Price
C$297.50Sale Price
  • Arirangion Multi-Ionizer uses revolutionary technology to transform normal tap water into sanitizing* and cleaning water without any use of chemicals or electricity. You can easily install it to your current faucet and it has a switch on the head to choose either spray type or straight type of water.


    The ionizing effect lasts a life time without additional expenses.

    When tap water passes through the magnetic field of the device, it becomes energized and ionized. It can sanitize and clean without any use of chemicals or electricity. With higher water temperature and faucet pressure, the water becomes even more energized and ionized.


    When water is ionized, the water molecules become smaller and its surface tension decreases, which increases its cleaning power enough to effectively lift off dust, oil, contaminants and oxidized materials on the nonporous hard surfaces.


    Ionized water kills over 99.9% of most non-tough, non-aquatic harmful bacteria when used as directed (See direction of use). Hydronium (H3O+) positive ion has antioxidant and restoration power. It helps in recovering the oxidized area into its original glossy state.


    The energy of the ionized water stays active for about 37 hours according to the energy intensity test by PSY-TEK in U.S.

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